Diabetes X-Pert Patient Programme

Diabetes X-PERT Programme

The X-PERT is a six-week group education programme for Type 2 diabetes. It will help you understand more about diabetes and how you can manage it through lifestyle changes. It is suitable for anyone newly diagnosed and those who have had diabetes for a while but want to learn more.

Each programme is run by a dietitian who will guide you through all aspects of your diabetes.

It is available as face to face in a community venue for 2 ½ hours or online for 1 ½ hours. There is a session each week for 6 weeks.

Topics covered each week are as follows:

  • Week 1 – Understanding Diabetes and health profile results
  • Week 2 – Healthy eating and weight management
  • Week 3 – Carbohydrate awareness
  • Week 4 – Food labelling and physical activity
  • Week 5 – Possible complications of Diabetes
  • Week 6 – Living with Diabetes and planning for the future

For more information, contact the X-Pert Administrator on 0161 835 6689 or email patienteducation@stockport.nhs.uk

Diabetes X-PERT Patient Programme leaflet

Some quotes from participants.

“The entire course was informative and fun. There were very good tutors who explained everything in easy to understand language”.

“I hope to continue to make further changes to my lifestyle to control my condition”

“Weight management session very useful – I have lost 8 lbs already”

” It certainly makes you realise that there is a lot more to diabetes than glucose levels”

“I have really enjoyed the X-PERT course. I feel more confident and found all the information very helpful”


The X-Pert in Stockport is an award winning course. We have come second in the country for 2 awards:

  • Best attendance of patients – this means patients who come to the course stay for all of it, which means they must enjoy it!
  • Best improvement in blood pressure and cholesterol measured a year after patients have attended the course- this means what you learn on the course will have long term benefits to your health and often leads to a reduction in the tablets you have to take.

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